Call for pre-qualification for construction of two hydropower plants in Burundi advertised

Burundi’s power and water utility Regie de Production et de Distribution d’Eau et d’Electricite (REGIDESO) has called for applications for pre-qualification for construction of the 31.5MW Jiji and 16.5MW Mulembwe hydroelectric power projects.

The two hydropower projects are located in Southern Burundi in Bururi province and are so close to each other-  only 3.75km apart. The two hydroelectric power plants will multiply Burundi’s installed capacity.

The deadline to submit these applications for pre-qualification consideration for construction of the two hydropower plants is stated as 30th March this year. The forms go for US$128 each and are marked “Candidature de Pre-qualification pour les Travaux d’Amenagements des Centrales Hydroelectriques de Jiji et Mulembwe objet de l’AOI No. 1/DAPQ/PHJIMU/REGIDESO/T/2015.”

For information on how to apply for pre-qualification of the power plant construction project, please visit this site

This hydroelectric power plants project will be one of the largest investments made in the country’s energy infrastructure since the 1980s and will aid in transforming the economy of the region.


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