Hanergy to construct US$1bn solar power plant in Ghana

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The Chinese Hanergy Group is planning to construct a solar power plant in Ghana at the cost of US$1bn. The 400MW power project aims at battling the energy crisis in the country.

This was revealed by Zhou Youbin the Charge d’Affaires at the Chinese Embassy in Accra at a natural resource conference.

“China, as a traditional friend and an important development partner over the years, has spared no efforts in supporting the development and construction of Ghana,” he added.

According to him, numerous projects have successfully been accomplished by the Chinese government in the country. Among them are the western corridor gas infrastructure development project, construction of the 400MW Bui Dam, and the Kpong Water Supply Expansion Project.

He said China is the biggest investor in Ghana in according to 2014 statistics, with China’s Direct Investments in Ghana exceeding 1bn dollars.

“The most important thing is to balance the interests of the stakeholders, mainly the government, mining communities and the investors. Policies to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of the mining sector should be designed as soon as possible,” he stated.

In addition to the 400MW solar power plant, Ghana is targeting to construct the to-be-largest solar power plant of its kind in Africa – the Nzema power plant. The solar plant will produce 155MW and will be constructed at US$400 million. Alone, the solar power plant will help the country raise its energy production by 6%.