New executive director of Concrete Manufacturers Association appointed

Frans Minnaar
Frans Minnaar, the new Executive Director of the Concrete Manufacturers Association (CMA)

Frans Minnaar has been appointed Executive Director of the Concrete Manufacturers Association (CMA) with effect from March 2, 2015.

Minnaar, who has many years of experience in quality assurance for precast concrete products, succeeds Wally Armstrong, who held the post for the previous two years.

Minnaar spent over 10 years with the SA Bureau of Standards (SABS). He obtained a qualification as a civil engineering technician while there and worked as a standards inspector and ISO auditor – one of the first ISO auditors in the country after the international ISO Quality System Certification Scheme was adopted in South Africa.

While at the Bureau he also served in several senior management posts relating to civil engineering.

He subsequently worked for a number of precast concrete manufacturers in quality assurance and management posts. On two separate occasions, spanning a total of 16 years, he operated quality assurance consultancies of his own, with clients that included prominent precast concrete product manufacturers, Eskom and the mining industry.

One of his first tasks at the Concrete Manufacturers Association is the preparation of a quality management systems guidelines booklet to assist members and prospective members to establish their own systems. Another role at Concrete Manufacturers Association will be to establish and launch an accreditation assessment scheme to help members meet the quality, health & safety and environmental regulations applicable to their businesses.

A third envisaged goal that Minnaar has set his sights on is to establish an independent test laboratory to serve the industry.

“Some of these are long -term projects that may take several years to get off the ground,” he commented.

“Broadly speaking, I am looking to extend the range of services offered to our members wherever possible. We are in constant communication with members to establish what they want.”



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