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Soprema Group was founded in 1908, since it has been an independent family group. Today, they install millions of square meters of waterproofing, roofing and insulation systems across the world. Currently, the group employs 5,200 people in its 41 manufacturing plants which 13 of them are located in France with 60 operating subsidiaries and more than 4.000 distributors with sales up to 18Billion (1,8 milliards) euros in 2013.

The group operates in 90 countries, with7 Research and Development centers focused on sustainable development and 18 training centers in 5 countries.

They have a complete range of products for every type of worksite as a result of a close collaboration between the Marketing department and the Research and Development centers. They also offer a complete and innovative range of products that meet and overcome the market standards. With them clients are ensured to find the appropriate solution to every type of worksite.

Two decades ago they have initiated an approach to evaluate and minimize the impact of their products and activity on the environment and human beings during the lifespan of a building (from manufacturing to construction, operation and demolition). Their R&D policy is strongly oriented towards sustainable development.

Therefore, materials are reused and renewed to avoid the use of new resources in the manufacturing process.

Their products are found in African countries including: Senegal, Mali, Niger, Cote D’Ivoire, Togo, Benin, Cameroon, Guine Equatoriale, Gabon, RDC and Djibouti with an office located in Senegal by the name Senegal Soprema working along with their partners. They are also interested in finding business partners who will act as agents or distributors for their products in Africa.

Julien Besson, Marketing Manager (Export Area Sales Manager Africa), advises potential buyers that, sealing is a domain not to be overlooked; the water can destroy everything if there are leaks. He further advices that one should be careful in choosing the products which will exactly match the demand which will lead to better results of waterproofing system and not imperméabilisation.

He also commented on the emerging trends concerning the product that the future and the mode will be ecology as highly esthetic roof finishes such as vegetated roofs that in addition to some qualities, they have a beautiful finish.

They have also participated on several projects including; Ridge Hospital in Accra – Ghana, French Embassy and Canada Embassy in Nigeria among others.



Julien Besson

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