Construction of Aba Mall in Nigeria in good progress

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Construction work on the Aba Mega Mall in Nigeria is in good progress. This was confirmed by Ademola Olorunfemi, the President of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) during his inspection of the mall project at Osisioma Ngwa in Abia State.

The first phase of the mall project is scheduled for completion by end of 2015. Furthermore, the first phase will include development of a shopping space of about 100,000m2 along with a dry port. According to the NSE President, this particular project will be the largest of its kind in Africa. It will include addition of 100 hotel rooms in its second phase.

Mr. Olorunfemi also commented that the situation of the construction work demonstrated that Nigerians, given a chance, were capable to handle any kind of engineering project.

The US$300m mall project is being handled by an indigenous developer by the name Greenfield Assets Limited, with the help of the local engineers.

He further expressed his gratitude to the initiators of the mall project and their engaging of local engineers’ services, describing the mall construction project as an ideal idea to develop and grow economic activities especially for the people of Abia State and those residing in the South-East geopolitical region.

Mr. Olorunfemi urged the citizens of Nigeria to engage more in similar projects that will create more job opportunities, saying NSE was interested in similar projects as Aba Mega Mall.

“It is part of our responsibility as a professional body to encourage this kind of development. This is a $300m project that has a huge implication.”He said.

It has been the best idea for the developer to involve mainly Nigerian professionals, artisans among others, he added. He said the government needed to consider approaching professionals from other countries through their very own professionals. The country has witnessed other mall construction projects such as the Ado Bayero mall.