Durban’s City building inspectors call for quick report in a Scaffolding Collapse

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Durban City’s building Inspectors have called upon quick report submission from the contractor who was handling scaffolding that collapsed in a construction site in South Africa.
According `to eThekwini municipality’s spokes Representative Tozi Mthethwa the scaffolding collapse in the construction site left more than four workers seriously injured though they were rescued on time by paramedics.
She added that the portion of the formwork that collapsed was created temporarily to give firm support for the upcoming four storey deck that collapsed and confirmed that the site instruction was issued to the contracts manager to submit a report by the appointed approved competent person, reporting on the reasons for the failure
She directed the contractor to submit the report that includes the safety given to the workers on the site, the precautions to be taken once the construction commence again and the stability level of the scaffolding on the site.
The time limited report is supposed to have some strict issues included in it, including remedial work that should be undertaken and the safety and stability of the formwork and scaffolding on the site.
She added that currently the labour department issued notice to discontinue the construction of the building until the contractor confirms that all Occupational Health and Safety Act is guaranteed in the report.
Tozi also said that they are going to be strict on the ongoing construction structures and the new ones to make sure all the Health and safety measures are taken care off