491 km railway line connecting Ethiopia to Sudan launched

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The foundation of a 491km railway in Ethiopia has been finally laid down by the Prime Minister HaileMariam Desalegn, this initiative will tremendously assist the local farmers transport their products to neighbouring markets and also see the nation easily link to South Sudan.
“The railway line which will ultimately connect them to their neighbour Sudan, will play a major role in enhancing social, political and economic activities of the areas it crosses as well as the nation,” said the Ethiopian Railways Corporation CEO Getachew Betru.
The railway project will link Addis Ababa with Bedele and will be among eight national routes set to be built by the Ethiopian Railways Corporation with more than 25 stations available.
Currently, there are a few ready railway routes that have already been identified for construction; the Addis Ababa- Ijaji- Jimma- Guraferda- Dima including Jimma-Bedele (direct to Boma with further extension to South Sudan)
Another railway line that links the potash rich northern and northeastern part of the country with Tadjoura port in Djibouti was also initiated this year. The Mekele – Weldya/Hara Gebeya – Semera- Tadjourah Port railway project will enhance the accessibility to the ports.
Ethiopia decided to embark on railway and road construction so as to heighten the economic ties with neighbouring nations and also to upgrade their transportation industry. Their ongoing Addis Ababa – Djibouti railway project is now 80 percent complete.