Genesis Water Technologies, Inc participates in hybrid powered sustainable water and waste water treatment solutions Tv program


Genesis Water Technologies, Inc., a USA based global leader of innovative and sustainable water treatment solutions for drinking water, process water, and waste water applications  was recently featured on a segment of the industrial leading Emerald Planet TV program which is broadcast globally in over 100 countries.

The segment pertained to its hybrid powered sustainable water and waste water treatment solutions and its specialized “Green Communities Program initiative” that the company developed and is implementing with private and governmental partners across the world.
The green community project program originated out of the necessity of several governmental agencies across the world trying to find a sustainably “green” infrastructure solution to provide drinking water, waste water, and power to coastal and inland communities.

This program is continuing to evolve into a solution that has been well received by communities and governments in both developed and developing nations to address the areas of sustainability, water quality, and water scarcity, which are major challenges that they are faced with today and into the future.
In these typical communities of 8000 or more people, Genesis Water Technologies and our partners are providing a hybrid renewable energy grid to power not only modular water and waste treatment infrastructure, but also electricity to power homes and small businesses in these communities.
This hybrid approach will provide continuous sustainable power to meet the needs of each community while reducing the space and cost required for landfill solid waste.
Genesis Water Technologies and our partners look forward to replicating this community program throughout the world.
Together we can make a difference in this mission to save lives and enhance economically productive communities as well as efficiently optimize industrial processes in a sustainably environmentally friendly way for mutual benefit.
Genesis Water Technologies, Inc.
Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. is a dynamic USA manufacturer and supplier of innovative and sustainable integrated water treatment solutions for process water, drinking water, water reuse and waste water. Their company mission is focused on using innovation to meet the water needs of the world. Their sustainable water treatment solutions serve commercial, industrial and municipalities worldwide.