Homevale Waste Water Treatment Works Upgraded

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Homevale Waste Water Treatment Works (WWTW) located in the Northern Cape is currently being upgraded to meet the needs of the growing population of the region maintaining a proper environment.
Upgrading of the project has been increased by fifty percent to ensure that current and future needs are met.
According to the Field Services Manager for Fiberpipes, Roy Caldeira, the project was undertaken to increase treatment capacity to ensure that water is treated to the required standards by the Department of Water and Sanitation in South Africa. This will improve the quality of water discharged.
The Homevale WWTW is a phase that was added to the Kamfers Dam project after partially treated sewage was released into the dam on many occasions.
Discharge effluent will go into the Vaal River through a 25KM pipeline given that the river supplies water to more than 12 million consumers in Gauteng and its environs.
Fiberpipe’s supplied GRP flowtite pipes for the project while Caldeira provides the technical specifications for products used in the project.