Kpong Hydroelectric dam rehabilitation gets a €50million boost

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Ghana’s Kpong Hydroelectric dam has received a boost of €50million from a government development implementation agency AgenceFrancaise de Development (AFD) for the increase the energy supply in Ghana.
The fund which is in terms of loan will see the hydroelectric rehabilitated since currently one of the four turbines has been shut down and this has made energy supply in the region decrease.

The rehabilitation of the Kpong Hydroelectric dam will include a major change of power equipments in the power plant and all the control systems will be changed from the current manual to automatic switch controls and also carry out an installation of new equipped automatic control room.
The security of energy sector in Ghana will be actualized once the project is completed since it will be able to produce over 160Megawats of electricity to the National Grid and also regulate climate change in the region.
AFD Resident Manager Amelie said they financed the Kpong Hydroelectric dam project since it will be of great benefit to the country and help improve the financial situation of the VRA and also be for the sustainability of electricity and supply to the national power market.
AFD are currently having other ongoing projects that also include the Ghana Urban Management Pilot project which is ongoing at a cost of €40.5million and the bank has committed itself in training local bodies on management infrastructures.