Boko Haram stalls MTN Nigeria’s growth in Nigeria’s north

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According to MTN Nigeria Chief Executive Michael Ikpoki, to date over 120 of its masts have been destroyed in the north east with 80 masts destroyed in the fourth quarter of 2014 alone.

This rampant destruction of infrastructure by Boko Haram has hampered the growth of mobile telecommunications penetration in Nigeria especially in the Northern parts of Nigeria. This was reported by MTN Nigeria the largest telephone operator in Africa with its Nigeria operations having 61.1 million users.

According to MTN Nigeria, the company has invested US$ 13 Billion in fixed assets and facilities nationwide in its thirteen years of operation in the country

The militant organization has caused untold suffering in recent years in Africa’s most populous nation by waging a war against the national government in a bid to create a separate state. Bombings, assassinations and abductions have become the hallmark of the group. They promote a version of Islam that forbids Muslims from associating with western society in any form.

The organization has caused development to lag behind in its area of operation and coupled with destruction of infrastructure has raised a bill running into millions that will be required for reconstruction.