Zambia contracts firms to upgrade roads in North-Western province

road construction Zambia

The Government of Zambia is set to begin work on the renovation of roads in five district, having contracted Dalong Construction, Road Pave Company, China Geo Company, and Alsphad Engineering to rehabilitate and upgrade roads in the districts.

Northern Provincial Minister, Dawson Kafwaya, has said that construction work will begin on all the roads after the rainy season and the road projects are expected to be complete in 18 months.

Zambia government has plans to upgrade roads in Mufumbwe district at a cost of US $ 114.7m, 9.6kilometers of Zambezi District roads, 9.5 kilometers of Chavuma District Roads and 20.5 kilometers of roads in Solwezi.

Construction works in Mufumbwe will be done by Dalong Construction, while Road Pave Company will work on road rehabilitation in Zambezi district. Alsphad Engineering will rehabilitate roads in Chavuma and Kasempa districts, while China Geo Company will tar roads in  Solwezi district.

Road rehabilitation in Kasempa will start off this month. According to the District Council Secretary for Kasempa region, Everty Ng’andu, the road rehabilitation in Kasempa will be great as it will open up opportunities for economic growth. Kasempa District roads will be upgraded to bitumen standards.

Mr Ng’andu further noted that constructing new roads will help change the general look of the District with no trace of bad roads seen.

Tarring will be done on up to 9.27 kilometers of township roads in Kasempa District with the cost expected to be US $ 15.69m with preparation for work already underway.

The road rehabilitation projects are set to open up the regions. The National Road Fund Agency (NRFA) of Zambia has budgeted out US$710mn to construct or upgrade roads this year. The money will go towards Link Zambia 8000 project, Pave 2000, Lusaka 400 and other road work plans across the provinces.


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