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Construction Work on New Compressed Natural Gas Plant in Southern Durban begins

Spring Lights Gas (SLG) which is one of the largest Piped gas suppliers for KwaZulu Natal Industry is set to commission a new compressed natural gas (CNG) Plant in Southern Durban before the end of this year.

The CEO of Spring Light Gas, Nkosinathi Solomon noted recently that construction work on the plant had already begun but hesitated to give the exact cost of the whole construction process.

The new SLG facility will provide energy of 250 000gj/y to 550 000gj/y upon its completion and would use German technology.
The facility will also be able to give ten permanent jobs and will have multipliers such as logistic companies which will truck its CNG to customers who are the main beneficiaries.

According to Solomon, his company has taken the initiative to invest in the compressed natural gas plant so as to help the gas market in South Africa. This would help even as different sources of gas are look for in order to cater for the challenges that South Africa is facing at the moments.

Some of challenges that the sector for energy in South Africa is currently facing includes shortage of gas molecules and capacity due to limited pipeline infrastructure for more gas supply.

The Rovuma Basin in Mozambique will be able to generate large quantities of gas by 2020 while the reconstruction of the Rompco pipeline will also play a great role in addition of molecules to South Africa.

Solomon further noted that the country can only benefit from such and other sources then; it needs to invest enough money on infrastructure, storage facilities.
Customers within a radius of 150km from Durban will be able to benefit from CNG. The plant is targeting the industrial sector but has the potential to leverage the gas powered vehicles market.



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