Kinyerezi 1 electricity plant in Tanzania almost complete

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The Kinyerezi 1 electricity plant which is a dual-gas and jet fuel-plant is on its way to completion and once the transmission lines are connected, 150MW of electricity will be tested.

Tanesco Project Manager, Mr. Simon Jilima confirmed the reports and said that currently the contractors involved are working on their final touches.

He further pointed out that for electricity generation, the Kinyerezi 1 plant will function using both gas and jet fuel but this will majorly depend on the availability of natural gas from the Southern part of Tanzania.

“We will start with fuel but later after the gas reaches the plant we will switch to gas as well,” Mr Jilima said.

However, the Plant Manager of Kinyerezi 1, Mr. Stephen Manda said that they are facing a few challenges of scarcity of water but they might consider drilling a well or using sea water after desalination.

After the commencement of generation of electricity at Kinyerezi 1, the plant will shift to a combine cycle using steam to run turbines for better electricity generation.
The project costs for the Kinyerezi I power plant amount to US$ 183m and the funds for the construction have been provided by the government through TANESCO.

The project is being implemented by the Jacobsen Electro Company from Norway.