Power project in Kenya to receive US$ 150m funding

A power project in Kenya dubbed the Last Mile Connectivity Project has received a funding of US$ 150m from the Kenyan government and African Development Bank (AfDB) that will see close to 314,200 households getting access to electricity by connecting them to the national grid.

This power project in Kenya which will be done in three phases is anticipated to add an additional 1.5m Kenyans in rural areas to the national grid.

The first phase will include enabling 314,200 more households to access electricity; the second and third phases will comprise installation and extension of the low voltage network to reach an additional 500,000 customers.

5,320 transformers which have been identified and are situated in 47 counties will be used for the achievement of the first phase as from September this year.

“TheLast Mile Connectivity Project involves extending the low voltage network to reach households located within a 600 metre-radius from a transformer, thus reducing the cost of accessing electricity for the customer and supply for the power provider,” says Kenya Power.

Overall, the Last Mile Connectivity Project is intended to connect 70 per cent of Kenyan households by 2017 and also through the Rural Electrification Authority (REA); the Kenyan government will connect potential consumers near installed transformers supplying public utilities. The consumers will be required to pay US$165 in order for them to be connected.


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