Algeria set to construct over 100 wastewater treatment plants

waste water treatment plants
waste water treatment plants

Algeria is set to construct over one hundred wastewater treatment plants which will see the country reach over 272 units by the end of 2015-2019.
According to Algeria’s Minister of Water Resources and Environment Abdelouahab Nouri during the commissioning of the 2nd part of the plant of Ain El Benian the five year water treatment program will ensure better living environment of citizens since currently the country has only 166 wastewater treatment plants.
Nouri also added that they will be awarding the tenders to the best water treatment companies that will ensure the country’s commitment towards better living conditions with clean water is achieved by the end of the programme implementation.
The minister also took his time to commission the Baraki station that had been completed and said the projects are highly aiming at solving the of water problem that is facing the Algiers.
The project that the minister inaugurated the Baraki station has a capacity of 900,000 equivalent per inhabitant, will reach 1.8 million eq/inhab while its flow will increase from 150,000 m3 per day to 300,000 m3.
The plant of Ain El Benian’s capacity will increase from 250,000 eq/inhab to 500,000, with a 100,000 m3 per day flow against half currently.

During his visit, the Minister inaugurated the inter-communal collector of Sidi M’Hamed to Bougara Avenue in El Biar (2.7 km) which help fight against floods in central Algiers.
According to the minister both projects that will be added in the country will be given to various contractors to ensure that time set for completion is kept.


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