Gauteng investment needs US $0.11trn for Infrastructure Developments

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Gauteng investment needs a US $0.11trn boost for use in the next 15 years in the social and economic infrastructure requirements according to the Premier for Gauteng, David Makhura

Further to this, Premier Makhura noted that the Government would not be able to achieve this on its own and needed to form transformative partnerships with the private sector in order to meet the infrastructure requirements.

Gauteng investment in the five economic corridors is being mobilised from the private sector according to Makhura. This was the Central Development Corridor (Johannesburg), Eastern Development Corridor (Ekurhuleni) Northern Development Corridor (Tshwane), Western Corridor (West Rand) and Southern Corridor (Sdibeng).

In the recently held Gauteng Infrastructure Investment Conference, it was indicated that Gauteng investment had funds totalling US $0.65trn to be invested in the infrastructure sector.

The communities would also be able to invest through their different savings activities.
Makhura indicated that the township economy is now a national agenda. The pace in which the infrastructure projects would take to be complete will depend with the amount of resources available.

Gauteng Provincial Government has committed US $12.96m for the renewal of township economies and it was already working on revised regulations in order to procure goods and services from locals. It was the government’s target to get 30 percent of the goods and services from local enterprises.