A new hydropower plant to be built in Africa, Luapula River

hydropower plant to be built in Africa
The nw HEP will add 1000mw of power to the grid

A new hydropower plant to be built in Africa, Luapula River by Zambia and Democratic Republic of Congo to help boost power generation for both countries.

The two governments signed an inter-governmental memorandum of understanding which will see to it that construction work on the plant begins in 2017 and is complete by 2020.

This project idea came into place after Zambia saw the need to increase power supply in the country due to shortages that it was experiencing.
The decreasing water levels in the Kariba dam and other plants resulted in the reduction in capacity production by Zesco.

Once construction of the hydropower plant is complete, there would be an output of more than 1,000 MW of electricity. According to Mr Yaluma, the signatory on behalf of the Zambian Government, the project was a landmark in Zambia and would help in the providence of universal access to electricity for Zambians in the rural area.

Yulama further noted that power outages in the region called for a joint effort by countries to address the issue and such a project was good to improve the situation.

Joint efforts had to be made to identify the challenges that come with lack of power and means to work on this would be reached.
This was the time for Zambia to get universal access to electricity for its rural population.



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