Egypt: Damietta furniture manufacturing hub to be constructed

Damietta Furniture hub
Damietta Furniture hub

Egypt’s Trade and Industry ministry is set to construct a world class furniture manufacturing city in Damietta which is located towards the Mediterranean Sea.
According to Egypt’s minister for trade & industry Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour the project which is located 15km from the Mediterranean Sea, and 200km north of Cairo will span an area of 1.4sqm (331 feddan; 1 feddan = 0.42ha), and that the ministry is working to ensure speedy construction of the project.
Abdel added that the construction will be on the time frame that will be given and called upon the contractor to ensure that they deliver the project on time.
The announcement was made by Abdel Nour during his meeting with the chairmen of Egyptian Furniture Export Council (EFEC), and of the Chamber of Wood Working & Furniture Industries (CWWFI).
The minister also added that currently the initial design for the city is ongoing to ensure that manufacturers and exporters will get the spaces required for their workshops and factories.
The ministry is “currently coordinating with Damietta’s governor, EFEC, and furniture industries chamber to finish the general design of the city as soon as possible to start implementing it”, Abdel Nour added.
According to the ministry the mega project is expected to create over 40,000 direct jobs and 120,000 indirect jobs, and the furniture city will boast a capacity of 2,400 furniture factories and workshops.


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