Powerhive to become Kenya’s first licensed private power utility

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Powerhive East Africa which is an American energy technology venture is yet to become Kenya’s first licensed private utility to sell power to the public, leading to and end of a half-century monopoly by Kenya Power electricity firm.

In the beginning of this year, the government granted the company with the authorization to supply electricity to rural homes. For over two years now, Powerhive has been running pilot schemes in four villages in Kisii, providing around 1,500 people with solar power hence leading to healthy competition to the grid giant, Kenya Power.

Rik Wuts, Powerhive’s co-founder and vice president for business development confirmed the news and said that they will generate solar power and distribute it to rural off-grid communities in Kenya, providing a clean, stable electricity supply on a “viable commercial basis”.

“Our goal is in line with that of the government – we want to connect and provide reliable service to as many rural communities as possible,” said Rik Wuts.

Powerhive is a technology venture founded in 2011 that partner with utilities and independent power producers to provide access to productive, affordable, and reliable microgrid electricity for millions of rural homes and businesses around the globe.

According to a report from World Bank, only around three out of 10 Kenyans have access to electricity, dropping to around two in 10 in under-served rural areas.