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Tanzania accused of not exploiting renewable energy

Tanzania has been noted to be one of the countries in Africa where there is much unexploited renewable energy that can tremendously bring revenue to the country; this was confirmed by an official with the German firm, the Organisation for Development Cooperation (GIZ), Mr Josephat Focus, at the ongoing Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF).

“There are still huge potentials unexplored in the renewable energy that business community could capitalise and give them maximum returns on investment,” he said adding the huge potential is supported on the fact that below 30 per cent of Tanzanians are connected electricity.

Despite there being vast natural gas, thermal and other depleting energy sources, the future demands that the country invests in wind and solar energy considering that they have the potential to do so and also because these form of energy is reliable and sustainable.

GIZ is a company that links German business community in renewable energy with their counterparts in Tanzania to look at areas of investment. The Energy Sector Support Programme in Tanzania began operations in 2013. GIZ’s contribution focuses on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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