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US$580 million airport construction in Zambia

A US$580 million airport construction in Zambia is to be carried out by  Avic International, a Chinese company.
Currently the airport which is known as Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport is being relocated to a bigger  site in Ndola.

According to Zambia’s Minister for Transport, Works Yamfwa Mukanga the contractor was awarded the contract after showing credibility and carrying out many projects across Africa.
Mukanga added that the contractor will be funded by the government and the construction project is estimated to cost US$580 million.

He added that the construction will be carried in various phases and the first phase will kick off once the government releases the funds for the same.

The government of Zambia has been having  plans to relocate the airport for expansion process and build an airport that would be able to accommodate world class business flights to the country.

The US$580 million airport construction in Zambia is expected to boost trade and enhance tourism in the country.

Through the ministry of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications the government will issue a notice to those living near the physical address of the site where construction will take place to move in order to give allowance for construction.

In additionally,  the minister said that they will be encouraging those who feel the need to move to other places to contact the government for allocation of other prime landing places.
He urged all the business houses who would want to do business in Zambia to ensure they have a physical postal box address within the country.


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