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Boost for tourism in Nigeria as construction of 144 construction projects approved

Tourism in Nigeria is set to improve follwing the country’s plans to construct over 144  projects in the next financial year.

According to the tourism minister Amar Ghoul theconstruction  projects in Algeria which are set to be launched soon will be beneficial to all industries in the country.

He added that the projects will comprise of new hotels and complexes and will be under the ministry of Town planning. He added that the move will boost tourism in Algeria.

“A total of 144 construction projects for the building of hotels and tourist complexes will be launched soon with a view to providing 25,000 new beds,” said the minister during a visit to three private hotels and a bungalow complex.

The minister added that the main objective of the construction is to expand the tourism industry that has been over years growing and there was need to find a quick solution to the rising demand.

Amar said currently there are ongoing projects underway that worth over US4130 Million and are expected to generate some 15,000 jobs.

The new hotels will be built in Hussein Dey (New Dey) with 460 beds, in Bab Ezzouar (Hani hotel) with 146 beds and in El-Hamiz (Alkathir hotel) with 100 beds.
There are 172 hotels in Algiers with a capacity of nearly 20,000 beds, according to the tourism directorate and the construction projects are seen as enhanced efforts to boost tourism in Algeria.

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