Construction projects in Egypt stall as heat wave soars

Construction projects in Egypt stall as heat wave soars

Most construction projects in Egypt have stalled following a heat wave that has hit the country causing several deaths, the ministry of health has reported.

According to Egypt’s state Agency the heatwave has so far claimed more than 75 lives causing construction workers to remain indoors rather than risk their lives. This according to authorities have made construction projects in Egypt to suddenly stall.

The state agency added that so far more than 1500 people across Egypt have been admitted in various hospitals. The ministry of health announced that it was moving with speed to ensure people get the medication they need.

The heatwave which got to its peak on Sunday kills at least 15 people in a day causing  panic among residents.

The ministy of health says that the death toll is high among children and the elderly who cannot keep up with the unbearable temperatures.

According to the ministry some of the noted deaths from the heatwave occurred in psychiatric wards and prisons.

The temperatures was expected to reach a high of 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 Farenheit)in the coming days.

The health ministry said 581 people have been admitted to hospital for heat exhaustion as a result of the soaring temperatures, with 204 remaining in hospital care.

Witness say various construction projects have been stopped in Egypt following the unforgiving heat wave. in normal circumstances, August witnesses higher temperatures but this year has been exceptional as temperatures rise beyond control.

It is not yet clear the impact the heat waves could have on the construction industry in Egypt, however prolonged heat could have a devastating effect especially on on children, patients and the elderly.


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