Germany to support renewable energy sector in Tunisia

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Germany has announced support for the renewable energy sector in Tunisia applauding the country for adopting the green energy.

According to German’s Parliamentary State Secretary to the German Federal Minister for Economic Co-operation and Development Thomas Silberhorn during his visit to Tunisia German is currently focusing in cooperating with African countries to improve renewable energy sector.

He added that Germany has succeeded in implementing strategies that have seen them succeed in the renewable energy sector and the same was adopted in Tunisia and have resulted to positive improvement in the sector.

He also noted that the two counties are currently taking a pilot study to see the most successful part of the partnership in the renewable energy sector and the one that will be adapted to.

The partnership will see Tunisia install a photovoltaic plant which will have a capacity of 10 MW in the Sothern parts of Tunisia and another one which will be installed in the Nothern part of Tunisia which will be the largest one in North Africa.

The German secretary said there are many Germany companies which are ready to venture into the North African Country to help improve the counties various sectors and offer quality training to existing expertise.
Currently more than 150 German companies or joint ventures are present in Tunisia. They employ nearly 55,000 people, particularly in the sectors of leather and footwear and mechanical and electronic industries.