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Liberia coastal highway to be reconstructed by China

Liberia’s coastal highway is set to be reconstructed by China as part of its aid to the country recovering from an Ebola epidemic. This was revealed by the Foreign Minister of Liberia, Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan during his interaction with the China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

Wang Yi is currently on a visit mission to the most affected countries with the Ebola outbreak which are Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

Liberia coastal highway is considered significant for business connection between Liberia and other African countries including the international countries as well. However, the country is currently collecting its broken pieces and tries to reconstruct the coastal route that was heavily destroyed following the country’s civil war which apparently ended 12 years ago.

The Liberia coastal highway will connect Liberia’s capital through the Buchanan port city, where exports of iron and timber pass through. The highway will stretch all the way to the Ivory Coast border.

According to the Foreign Minister, China will as well construct a ministerial complex that will about 10 ministries. However, China will finance the project and seek partners through its global fund for Africa as the ministries construction has already been made known and is ready for construction commencement.

China is a major investor in Africa with concrete presence in Africa through its big companies having invested in Africa tapping the continent’s rich vein of resources to fuel the Asian giant’s economic growth over the past couple of decades.


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