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Power imports and constructed projects to boost electricity supply in Rwanda

Electricity supply in Rwanda is set to be boosted as the government plans to add 70 MW to the national grid before the end of this fiscal year. The Ministry of Infrastructure (MININFRA) will spearhead the importation and construction of power projects in Rwanda to achieve the target.

A new performance contract (Imihigo) was agreed on between the ministry and its stakeholders to keep the institution performance well beyond the average rate standing at 73 per cent.

James Musoni, the Minister for Infrastructure confirmed the reports and said that during the fiscal year 2015/16 electricity supply in Rwanda will increase from 160 MW to 230 MW where 30 MW will come from Kenya, while at the same time ensuring diversification of energy sources.

“We have signed all agreements with Kenya to import 30 megawatts right from end of last year, what is remaining is to have right interconnections to be able to import; We have also agreed with Uganda on transmission, we are working together to put up transmission lines; our deadline is next month, which means that by October we shall be able to import, In case Ethiopia gets ready to export, it will as well use the same network, but before that we will have imported from Kenya or Uganda,” he added.

Rwanda targets to generate 563 megawatts by 2017 up from the current 160 megawatts installed capacity. It has also been paying heavily to conduct informative feasibility studies meant to explore other sources of energy like peat, geothermal and methane gas.

As per now, the government has instilled at least US$180m in the methane gas project that is projected to add up to 25 megawatts in the current fiscal year.

The projected 70 megawatts will come from peats, methane gas and imports from regional countries. The Gishoma peat plant that is now at the conclusive stage, will contribute up to 15 megawatts.

Electricity supply in Rwanda will be a major boost to a country that is struggling to meet its power demand.


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