The newly constructed Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway line to start operation in 2016

The chief of Ethiopian Railways Corporation Getachew Betru has announced that newly constructed Ethiopia-Djibouti railway line will commence  operation in early 2016.

The 450 mile Ethiopia-Djibouti railway line that is being constructed by China Railway Engineering Corporation (CREC) is set to boost manufacturing industries in Ethiopia.

Currently, most Ethiopians still depend on subsistence agriculture, although few factories dealing in car assembly and garment have been constructed.

The USD4b construction project is part of Ethiopia’s broader plan to build more than 5000km of new lines across the country by 2020.

Ethiopian Railway Corporation CEO Getachew Betru says that by 2015 a better part of the project will have been completed.

It is a game-changer for us,” said Getachew. “It will be one of the most vibrant economic corridors in the world.”

The move to boost railway transport in Ethiopia is meant to keep the economy expanding at the rate of 8 percent. Ethiopia seeks to become an African manufacturing centre, offering investors efficient transport, cheap power and efficient labour.

Ethiopia like any other African country is struggling to boost its transport system at the time when it is trying to industrialize.

Kenya is putting up a multibillion shillings standard gauge railway connecting Mombasa and Nairobi.The railway system is meant to boost the economy of the country once complete.



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