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Why Glass Reinforced Concrete is recommended in construction

Glass Reinforced Concrete or simply GRC, is a combination of siliceous sand, AR type fiberglass, acrylic polymer and mass tinted hydraulic that once stained in bulk are transformed in the factories to customize the product for building projects.

The innate properties of GRC make it ideal for Windows, Porticoes, Cornices, String Courses etc. It is used worldwide to manufacture a vast range of precast products for the infrastructure development and civil engineering fields.

Glass Reinforced Concrete provides an architect with a great range of products in terms of Dimensions, Textures, Lightness, Ease of Installation & Long term technical composition for exteriors. It is an option that no other materials can match or come close to in terms of specifications, light weight, textures and finishes.

In order to achieve un-parallelism in rural and urban infrastructure, manufacturing companies are often asked to use high quality Glass Reinforced Concrete products to showcase the frontage of Hospitals, High Rise Buildings, Mosques, Villas, Shopping Malls, Theatre Halls or Corporate Offices. TEMCOPPAD, a subsidiary of the SPEED HOUSE GROUP ( and a renowned business unit for designing, manufacturing and installing the world-class GRC materials, is an answer to this question.

Note: The writer works for International Sales & Marketing Department at SPEED HOUSE GROUP, AJMAN – UAE. He can be reached via Direct Number +971 (0) 67482929 or e-mail: [email protected], Skype Id: mshariqueanwar


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