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Absolute Autonomous Container Unit from South Africa’s Maskam Water

Absolute Autonomous Container Unit from Maskam Water is a self-sustaining ablution facility with on-site waste water treatment, built on an ISO certified shipping container frame.

The product comes with features such as Easy set up which takes less than 5 minutes

It is Easy to move as one will simply only be required to drain the Fusion, close the doors and load onto a container truck or ship it anywhere in the world

It has a solar option available with only water supply needed

Treated water is used to flush toilets, thus saving water

Rain water harvesting optional

It has a Demo unit which has 4 toilets, 2 hot water showers and Fusion

A client can get other configurations upon request on the product.

Absolute Autonomous Container Unit is advantageous given the fact that it can be used by anybody. It can serve the Construction industry– buildings and roads
• Mining industry- Exploration
• Informal settlements
• Adventure tour operators
• Site establishment
• Military
• Mobile schools, clinics
• Farmers – for workers in the vineyards, orchards and others
• Disaster management locations
• Shows / exhibitions



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