Alsina Formworks company opens branch in Middle East

Alsina Formworks Company takes hold in the Middle East
Alsina Formworks Company takes hold in the Middle East

Alsina Formworks Company, which collaborates its formwork systems and engineering solutions in the construction of several projects in North Africa and the Middle East, has established a new branch in Dubai and a new commercial office located in Riyadh.

With these new offices, Alsina is consolidating its local presence in order to provide even a better and closer service to new clients in the Middle East by ensuring that the work is carried out within the time frame specified by the customer, since in recent years Alsina’s participation in international projects has experienced a remarkable growth in gradual proportion to the Group’s internationalization process, especially in the area of North Africa and the Middle East.

Alsina Group has been collaborating in various projects in these areas, providing technical solutions and formwork systems for the construction of all kinds of buildings with great results.

As for equipment and civil works, last year 2014 Alsina Group completed the works on the Security Forces Internal Camp in Doha (Qatar). Alsina supplied its Alumecano and Alisply walls equipment for the construction of this building, which was implemented with Alsina’s Mecanoconcept system for the first time in the country. Despite the initial reluctance to change the formwork system, the client was actually very pleased with Mecanoconcept’s high work performance, which once learned by the operators produced high results on productivity: while the first floor, which was 3000m2, was executed in 4 months (at a pace of 750m2 every 15 days), the second floor of the same area was executed at a pace of 600m2 every two days.

Mecanoconcept is a formwork system designed by Alsina with proven efficiency for more than 40 years in Spain and which is currently being exported internationally. This simple and mechanical formwork system gets high productivity rates due to its versatility for implementing forms of all types and can recover 80% of formwork equipment used within three days of being concreted, so it can be used again to implement formwork of upper slabs.

That same year 2014 Alsina began their collaboration in the construction of the Batinah Expressway Highway 5 in the city of Sohar, in Oman, where it supplied its Multiform equipment and its AR-80 Shoring system, besides creating a special piece adapted to the customer’s need: a Box Culvert solution of different sizes with standard Multiform material and a special formwork element connector on a AR-80 shoring system, as well as 6m movable carts with wheels for the implementation of more than 28km of tunnels.

As for industrial and energy projects, it is worth mentioning Alsina’s participation in the implementation of the New Ashbailya Power Plant in Saudi Arabia.

Alsina is collaborating with one of the largest power stations construction companies in Saudi Arabia in the execution of an electrical transformer station. Al Toukhi, which needed a slab formwork system technology that allowed them to get a very high recovery rates in order to operate the plant as quickly as possible, chose Alsina’s systems when they learned about the advantages granted by Alsina’s Alumecano formwork system for slabs.

On the other hand, Alsina is currently working on the construction of the New Orbital Highway & Truck Route in Doha, Qatar. This Civil Roads project implies the construction of 100 piles with capital on the road, with a height of 16 meters each.

For this project, Alsina is providing its Friction Collars, a new system that allows supporting the capitals without leaving any mark on the pile, while supporting a weight of 55 tons. On the other hand the pile shafts are12 meters high and are being implemented with metal molds of 2.5 and 3 meters of diameter. Three different models have been designed for the capitals by using special custom molds.

Alsina is also providing its Metallic Piles, Special Capitals, and its formwork Shoring System for the implementation of this project.

Alsina Group is an international manufacturing company, selling and renting formwork and concrete solutions. Based in Barcelona, it currently employs over 600 people and it operates in 20 markets, having more than 25 delegations. With over 65 years of experience in complex projects, the group stands out for its customer-oriented service and a constant investment in research and development over the years. This has resulted in the creation of more than 100 engineering formwork solutions, which have allowed the industrialization of the structures formwork process “in situ” with the performance of its systems, its effectiveness and the safety of operators as key concepts.
With one of the most expert services in the market, Alsina has collaborated on thousands of projects worldwide involving the construction of diverse structures from housing, facilities or civil works to water infrastructure and maritime projects.

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