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Construction of hydropower plants in Rwanda gets financial support

Afritech Energy (AE) and East African Power have signed a US$ 40m agreement that will see the construction of four hydropower plants in Rwanda.

The agreement will involve construction of four hydropower sites in Bihongora, Karambo II, Gatare Sebeya and Muregeya. Other two projects will be in Rustiro and two more in Rubavu.

Executive Chairman of Afritech Dan Klinck was present in Kigali during the press conference and said that although the company deals with energy, it will assist people in the rural areas to engage in activities that will boost development in their communities. He stated that the company is already supporting different cooperatives and women groups.

“Women and men are encouraged to join cooperatives and start activities like animal husbandry, poultry farming and sewing,” he said. “Today Rwanda has 22% household connectivity and we well know the mission is to reach 70% in a specific period of time. We believe that connecting villages with energy brings development,” says Mr. Klinck.

“Electricity on the other highly enhances a country’s economy hence it should be available to all citizens,” he further stated.

The Empowering Villages program will implement funds and expertise directly in the local communities of its hydropower projects. It has development partners in five core areas: energy, environment, entrepreneurship, and education & enjoyment.

Afritech Energy is a development and service provider for electric power generation, construction, operations and maintenance, supply and installation. AE is a licensed supplier and general contractor specializing in renewable energy technologies, prioritizing Solar and Hydropower solutions. AE provides a comprehensive range of products and services to meet the energy sector developer needs in East Africa.


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