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Why prefab modules are gaining ground across the globe

By M Sharique Anwar

It goes without saying that shelter has been one of the most important needs of human beings since time immemorial due to a number of reasons like living and protecting their families and the likes. The concept of shelter steadily kept changing with the steady growth of human understanding and behavior and it became a sign of prestige which remains valid even today.

SPEED HOUSE PREFAB, a strong subsidiary of SPEED HOUSE GROUP, has been furthering the cause of housing to an advanced stage by manufacturing labour camps, villas, prayer rooms, hospitals, shops and low cost housing etc.

Prefabrication is an industrial practice on the basis of which some parts of a building like panels, truss, flooring, eye lifting etc. are designed, manufactured inside the factory and shipped to the project site for installation. It requires the systematic cooperation from the end-users, suppliers and material coordinators to make sure that prefabricated building or structure adheres to the agreed material specifications and design at the end of the day.
As per the wikipedia, ”Modern architects are experimenting with prefabrication as a means to deliver well-designed and mass-produced modern homes. Modern architecture forgoes referential decoration and instead features clean lines and open floor plans.
Because of the design simplifications modern architecture provides (coupled with the cost savings that tend to go with design simplification) many in the manufactured housing sector generally feel that modern architecture designs are better suited for prefab home construction.’

There are plenty of smart reasons why prefabricated structures are popular across the globe. One of the top reasons is it presents the industry great shifts in efficiency, scientific innovations and design flexibility at one time. It has other advantages like:
 Reduced Construction Time
 Higher Quality and Consistency
 Lower Cost
 Negligible Wasteful Materials
Prefab homes are gaining ground in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and South East Asia as they are relatively economical compared to their conventional counterparts. Prefabricated structures appeal to the buyers because of their compact lightness and easy installation. Displacement of the mass population from one place to another across the world has forced the construction companies to revise their manufacturing strategy to provide them with shelters at an affordable cost. Not only that, it offers solutions to the world’s housing shortage for the deprived, under-privileged, low income population. Rapidly erected, the modular housing constructed with sandwich panels is not only lower in cost but also simpler in design. The readers will be surprised to know that a 40-feet container can ship 15-20 flat pack standard houses at one go. Mr. Michel D Hanna, an industry expert and the Group GM of SPEED HOUSE GROUP, AJMAN – UAE, opines that time is imminent when prefab modules will become the mainstream housing method for the expanding population across the globe.

It also makes a perfect sense for the OIL & GAS, POWER & ENERGY AND INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT companies exploring opportunities in remote areas. It can be used as temporary site offices for engineers and managers, hospitals & clinics, kitchens & mess halls, toilets and bathrooms apart from the camps for laborers, technicians. At a time when the whole world is gripping with financial misfortune, prefab module comes as a rescue unit to the construction, civil, oil & gas industries.

The writer represents International Sales & Marketing Department at SPEED HOUSE GROUP, AJMAN – UAE. He can be reached via Direct Number +971 (0) 67482929 or e-mails: [email protected]/ [email protected], Skype Id: mshariqueanwar


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