France boosts renewable energy in Africa

France boosts renewable energy in Africa
France boosts renewable energy in Africa

African countries will receive €2bn an equivalent of $2.1b from France over the next four years for renewable energy in the fight against global warming.

During a meeting with African leaders on the sidelines of a UN climate conference in Paris, France President Francois Hollande said his country will dedicate €6bn between 2016 and 2020 for electricity in the continent.

He said the money set aside for renewable energy will double the amount provided in the preceding five years.

“My country wants to set an example of good leadership, we will therefore commit ourselves to boosting Africa’s transition to green energy” Hollande said.

More than 150 world leaders gathered for the start of the 12-day meeting to deliberate on the measures to take on global warming and helping the third world countries cope with its impacts.

The French President said helping the continent develop green measures will ensure its security.
“Despite Africa not being responsible for emitting greenhouse gases, it is paying for the consequences of climate change,” Hollande added. The world owes an ecological debt to the African continent.

African countries produce 4% of global greenhouse gases annually with a quarter of that coming from economic giant South Africa.

Head of African Union commission, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma said there is so much to be done in the fight against global warming. He called on developed countries to step up their efforts.

“The effects of climate are already severe as we speak.” Lake Chad has seen its surface shrink to a tenth in just 60 years, she added.

Hollande however did not give details on how the remaining €4bn not allocated for renewable would be spent.