Relay Interface TDS13510 (8x16A latching relays with manual control)

Relay Interface TDS13510 (8x16A latching relays with manual control)

The new TDS13510 DIN-rail eight-fold relay interface is the successor of the highly successful TDS13500. Thanks to its high performance and reliability, TDS13500 has been produced for several decades. The new TDS13510 has the same basic features: 8 x 16A/250V – 5000VA inductive/capacitive; 100 Amp in rush per contact. Therefore each contact can handle almost every kind of load, including wall sockets, capacitive and inductive lighting, etc

Each relay contact is bi-stable and can be operated manually, even by the end-user. This is very interesting in the start-up phase of an installation and in case of a technical issue.

The internal low-power 32-bit processor, already in use in many other TELETASK products, creates several new opportunities. AUTOBUS diagnosis, including Voltage measurement and software upgrading over

AUTOBUS are possible. The interface comes in the new designed DIN-rail housing which TELETASK recently introduced. This means a completely new look, no earth connection and the use of the simplified AUTOBUS 2+2(no shielding necessary and lower cost of installation).

Low energy houses up to green buildings
An additional advantage of this new interface is the further reduction of power consumption. Despite the eight internal high-power relays, the entire interface consumes maximum only 36 mA at 12V.This means savings at different levels. For example over 20 years, per interface,several hundred euros in energy consumption can be saved compared with traditional contactors. On most installations this means more than one thousand Euros!

The interface does not need a separate power supply and belongs to the ‘ZERO POWER’ concept, which makes TDS13510 a sustainable component, interesting for low- energy and passive houses and green buildings.

Also the extremely low internal heating of only 0.4W in total in the distribution board is a significant advantage against systems with traditional relays (about 5W/8) and/or power contactors (15 to 40VA per eight contactors). This means a power gain of 1/40 to 1/100 while the TELETASK relay contact can handle inrush currentsup to 100A.

The TDS13510 is 100% compatible with all existing TELETASK installations so it can also be used as an expansion or replacement interface in any existing TDS installation.

In short, this new interface greatly benefits the ease of installation and the sustainability of your TELETASK project. Moreover, the extras from the TDS13510 come at the same price as the previous version.

Order Reference: TDS13510
Available: January 2016

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