Egyptian Federation for Construction and Building Contractors to partner with Moroccan contracting firms

Egyptian Federation for Construction and Building Contractors (EFCBC) is now set to partner with other specialized construction firms from Morocco so that they can push the growing sector in the two countries.

Speaking during a special meeting with Morocco’s Minister of Housing and Urban Policy, Nabil Benabdallah EFCBC Chairman Hassan Abdel Aziz said they are looking into strengthening the current relationship the two countries are having and that will be simply achieved through the bilateral cooperation that the two countries will agree on.

The chairman added that the Egyptian entrepreneurs are in to see that they establish long lasting partnerships between construction companies in Egypt and Morocco, in order to implement large projects in Africa.
“Africa’s construction industry is on the rise and partnership between the countries in Africa is a key step to ensure that we support each other since the African market is promising and has a lot of job opportunities into which a powerful Egyptian-Moroccan partnership could enter instead of foreign firms,” added Hassan Abdel Aziz

The Moroccan partner Benabdallah stressed the importance of deepening the partnership between Egyptian and Moroccan firms, adding that the partnerships will help both countries’ companies enter international projects.

After a media crisis between the two, Morocco and Egypt have agreed to take a step forward in their bilateral relations by announcing a new generation of high value-added agreements, Egyptian Ambassador to Morocco Ahmed Ihab Jamal Eddine said.
“we are ready and we have already started empowering Egyptian construction companies in Morocco and with the talks that are ongoing we believe the two countries will have lasting construction growth” added Benabdallah

The two countries have been lately forming various collaborations especially in the construction industry that have seen them swap various projects that are already ongoing.


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