Kwikspace boosts construction of affordable housing in Mozambique

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Mozambique (3)Mozambique (1)Mozambique (2)Kwikspace boosts construction of affordable housing in MozambiqueKwikspace boosts construction of affordable housing in Mozambique

Kwikspace Modular Buildings is boosting affordable housing in Mozambique after heavy rains and major flooding left areas of Mozambique in a devastated state last year. Major infrastructure such as roads, bridges and rail networks were damaged.

In addition, significant damage to the powerline leading to a well-known minerals mine occurred, leaving it in a situation where it had to rely on diesel generators and product inventory to counteract the negative effect of the resultant power cuts.
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Now, as the repair of infrastructure is carried out, South African-based company, Kwikspace Modular Buildings (Kwikspace), who further has two factories and a strong presence in Mozambique, has played a supporting role to the progress of this project, through the provision of prefabricated buildings ordered by Conco. A company responsible for electrical power distribution system construction, Conco required four prefabricated units for various purposes at a remote location on the mine site, where it is contracted to install new overhead power towers.

Comments Nick Alexander, Director of Business Development for Kwikspace Modular Buildings in Africa: “The conditions were tough; bridges we needed to cross had been washed away and roads were impassable. Despite the challenges we were faced with, we went in armed with a wealth of experience in delivering affordable housing in Mozambique in remote areas.

Kwikspace was contracted to supply a 12 m x 3 m four room residential unit, a 9 m x 3 m two room residential unit, a 9 m x 3 m open-plan office and a 9 m x 3 m ablution unit to the site at the Meluli river near Angoche Island, about 250 km south of Nacala, for the 10-man Conco team, on a rental basis spanning the duration of their project.
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“In order to get our units to the site, road repairs had to be done, trees needed to be trimmed with the help of local community members, and eventually an alternative route needed to be devised to allow for our delivery vehicles to continue to site,” continues Alexander.

“We worked closely with our client to find suitable solutions to the obstacles we encountered during this project as we had no access to resources or local services in this very remote location. The successful outcome proved the flexible nature of Kwikspace and our ability to act on the spot to ensure that our client’s requirements are met.”

All Kwikspace units were delivered to the Meluli site, and Conco has thus been provided with comfortable accommodation and office space while continuing with their works.



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