Inntechgroup boosts construction industry in Africa with aircrete blocks production plants

Inntechgroup promotes African construction industry with aircrete blocks production

Inntechgroup company has launched aircrete blocks production lines with capacities from 20 to 500 m3 blocks per day. The plants perfectly suits needs of any client whether this be private housing, social housing, public buildings, commercial buildings, industrial buildings or even self-build.

Aircrete blocks are eco-friendly, energy saving, economic building material. It is made of sand (or pulverised fuel ash), cement, aluminum powder and water. Aircrete is highly valued for its durability: it doesn’t burn, rot, cannot be attacked by pests such as termites or vermin. At the end of building’s life aircrete can be easily recycled and crushed down with other masonry materials and used in future applications.
As professional designer and manufacturer we offer wide range of production lines:

 Mobile mould with bigger sizes: 2400×600 600 mm (0,86 m3)
 Moulds are moved by hydraulic pusher
 Strain-gauge weighing principle by pushing the button
 Components pneumatically unloaded into the mixer
 High-performance cutting device allows to manufacture aircrete blocks of any sizes
 Array is cut by vertical and horizontal cutting machines to promote perfect geometry of block
 Frequency-regulated drive of cutting device enables to produce blocks with perfectly smooth as well as with rough surface
 Vibration technology for lifting of aircrete array
 Handles cutting machine for large-sized blocks
 Compact design
 Highest possible output from each square meter
 Maximum automatization of the production
Stationary production lines Inntech Start
 Fixed moulds (2000х1200х300 mm (0,72 m3) )
 Mixer for aerated concrete moves from point of dosage to moulds
 Dosing of the components is carried out by weight batches of sand and cement hoppers or manually.
 Cutting of an array is performed manually by conductor with special saws.
Semi-automatic production lines Inntech Master
 Mobile mould with sizes 2400х600х300 (0,42 m3 )
 Components manually unloaded into the mixer
 Moulds are moved by mechanical pusher
 Cutting of the array is performed by vertical cutting machine
 Frequency-regulated drive of cutting device enables to produce blocks with perfectly smooth as well as with rough surface
 Strain-gauge weighing principle by pushing the button

Inntechgroup company expends aircrete blocks production plants globally, providing integrated package of services:
 Development of business plan
 Layout solutions for your territory
 Development of individual aircrete mixture
 Production startup
 Personnel training
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