Mobisol to launch operations in Kenya

Mobisol to launch operations in Kenya
Mobisol to launch operations in Kenya

German based energy company; Mobisol is set to launch a solar power installation service, stepping up competition for rival firms that have unveiled similar products in the past one month.

In a statement Mobisol said it will launch its operations in Kenya this week, taking on Safaricom’s M-Kopa Solar that has only been in the business for a few years.

With a generation capacity of up to 80 watts of power, the Sh50-a-day model will enable Mobisol customers to pay an estimated Sh54, 000 for a period of 36 months. The payment system will be done through mobilecash and will be sent directly to the company.

Mobisol Corporate Development Manager Klaus Maier said they will be able to monitor payment through an inclusive SIM card that will relay all the data to the company.
The solar home system is set to provide electricity to power bright LED lights, radios, mobile phones, TVs and fridges.

It also comes with additional benefits such as extended warranty free of charge installation and a three-year free maintenance package backed by remote monitoring and comprehensive IT solutions.
The company has established its presence in Rwanda and Tanzania where it has continued to serve over 35,000 households and businesses.

“We plan to connect up to 10 million people in East Africa in the next four years, Mr Maier said.
Meanwhile, Equity Bank has partnered with Indian based solar energy firm Orb Energy for solar installation deal. This comes barely a week after Mobisol’s entry into the Kenyan market.
Equity is set to offer loans at discounted rates of as low as eight per cent to buyers of solar equipment from Orb Energy.

Solar energy provider M-Kopa earlier this month introduced a delivery scheme for customers who have successfully completed the payment plan for their solar home systems.
The programme allows customers with good payment history to get delivery of cooking stoves Smartphone and water tanks to their households after purchase.

M-Kopa has also received a major boost from Safaricom who recently signed an extended partnership with the company to supply one million off-grid households in the country with solar-powered digital flat screen television sets by 2017.