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Egypt construction firm Redcon seeks to expand

Egypt based Redcon Construction Company is now keenly looking into expanding its business in the Egyptian market by pumping more USD 168 million by the year 2017.

According to the company’s chairman Tarek El-Gammal in the past few years the commonly has been perfoming well and they have found the need of enlarging their capital share in order to clinch more construction deals that are on the rise in Egypt and more other African countries.

He said that by increasing the capital share they will be able to easily implement more infrastructure and renewable energy projects that are in rise in the country.

“We are currently rated among the most growing construction firms in Egypt and Africa as a whole and all we are looking into is ensuring that we become on the top in the deals” he added
The chairman also said that they are open to collaborate other companies to ensure that their projects are well implemented and timely.

Furthermore, REDCON has completed contracts worth 1 billion Egyptian pounds in 2016 in comparison to 750 million Egyptian pounds with an increase of 25 percent.

Since its establishment as a company, REDCON has implemented over 125 projects for major companies, including Emaar, Al-Futtaim, Palm Hills, Al-Kharafi, Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation, and Almarai for Dairy.



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