Laticrete launches Fracture Ban TM

Laticrete launches Fracture Ban TM
Laticrete launches Fracture Ban TM

LATICRETE, a manufacturer of globally proven construction solutions for the building industry, today announced the introduction of the FRACTURE BAN.

TM membrane, a high -performance, pliable, light weight peel and stick membrane designed for use under thin-bed adhesives for ceramic tile, stone and other hard surface installations. This reinforced high-strength membrane performs as an anti-fracture and an acoustical underlayment system that eliminates the transmission of stresses from the substrate while dampening the transmission of impact and air borne noise through the floor to the room below.

With the release of the FRACTURE BAN membrane, LATICRETE is also launching the specially formulated FRACTURE BAN Primer.

“This new peel and stick membrane is designed for both commercial and residential jobs where a quick dependable turnaround is required ,” said Sean Boyle,Senior Director of Marketing and Product Management. “

Whether the contractor is working on apartment building, office, or hospital, t his unique product is perfect for interior applications where sound and cracking may be an issue.

The FRACTURE BAN membrane comes in 40 mil ( FRACTURE BAN 40) and 90 mil ( FRACTURE BAN 90) thicknesses. Both thicknesses are tested to ANSI A118.12 (anti-fracture) and ANSI A118.13 (sound reduction) specifications.
And, both are suitable for almost any substrate including: concrete slabs ; cement mortar beds; exterior glue plywood; precast floor


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