Hitachi Sumitomo launches new SCX3500-3 crawler crane

Hitachi Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Crane Co., Ltd., (HSC) has launched the new SCX3500-3 crawler crane in the European market. The maximum 350-tonne lifting capacity hydraulic model features a more compact body, outstanding handling capabilities, and an advanced transportation and assembly system.

The SCX3500-3 not only offers a standard specification with a high-performance lifting capacity, but also a short-tail swing radius – available for the first time in the 350-tonne crawler crane class. When selected by the operator, this latest option ensures that the live mast never exceeds the rear-end radius of the counterweight.

This unique compact design allows the machine to be operated in confined spaces on such construction sites as logistic warehouses. The SCX3500-3’s versatility may be evidenced by its capacity to work from wide to small radius settings. Operations close to the crane are also easier during luffing jib tower crane jobs with the angle of the tower boom limited to 88° and tower jib to 74°.

In addition to better stability in the lower frame, the rigidity of the boom has also been increased with the use of a wider boom foot and the larger diameter of the material from which the boom is made. The overall higher level of stability provides an outstanding level of control that delivers highly precise and reliable operating capabilities, with minimal side movements and flexing at the front.

The SCX3500-3 is easy to transport thanks to the width of the machine being less than three metres and the standard front/rear-split upper structure with hydraulic assist pin. The installation of crawler, rear-post and jib backstops uses a hook-on and pin joint system.

The connection device – with the hydraulic assist pin – allows easy positioning and assembly work without the need of a hammer. With this design, the time and cost of the assembly is almost the same as a medium-sized crane. A QuickDraw system is also available for the self-installation/removal of the heavy crawler side frame, boom base and lower weights.


The SCX3500-3 comes equipped with a cleaner running Cummins engine that not only meets EU Stage IV emission regulations, but also offers an enhanced level of energy saving performance. A new auto idle stop function and ECO MODE also allows energy efficient operations.

HSC’s remote monitoring system provides an accurate overview of the crane’s operating condition, which helps to minimise downtime and allow accurate maintenance planning. By optimising the operation of the SCX3500-3, the owner is not only able to enhance the efficiency of the machine, but also reduce the time and costs required for maintenance.



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