Moorreesburg roadworks in South Africa progressing well

A Department of Transport and Public Works project to resurface and rehabilitate sections of the R311 and R45 in the Moorreesburg area at a cost of A R178 million is progressing well.

The construction began in June 2015 and is expected to be complete in March 2017. Owing to the low surface temperatures between May and August 2016 No resealing will take

The project entails among other things, the installation of road signs and road markings and construction of storm water structures. Work on major storm water structures was completed in April 2016. Major layer work to improve and rehabilitate the structure of the current roads is already under way and at advanced stage.

Stepwise construction is going on and traffic flow is being monitored and managed through a stop/ go system during the day, and using a traffic light system during the night. The half-width sections will not be more than 4 km long and the stop/ go signs will be at least 3 km apart so as to reduce motorist frustration disruption. For safety purposes, the speed limit has been cut down to 60 km/h in sections with ongoing roadwork.

Motorists should be ready for a number of delays and disruptions and residents of Moorreesburg will experience an increase in the town’s traffic. Gravel bypasses at storm water structures are expected to be slippery when wet.

The Department has maintained its commitment in contributing towards employment and empowerment. The project is currently in a good position to reach its target of 18 000 person-days of work for local labour from the Swartland municipal area. In total 20% of the total contract value will go towards contractor businesses in the Western Cape.

Over 2 000 vehicles use the R311 on a daily basis between the N7 and Moorreesburg (Main Road 230), and another  800 vehicles use the R311 daily between Moorreesburg and the R45 (Main Road 231). Motorists will soon be able to have a smooth, safer and more pleasant and convenient travelling experience on these roads once completed.