Gilanis makes foray into real estate with 14-storey building

Gilanis enters real estate,
Gilanis enters real estate,

Gilanis makes foray into real estate

The Gilanis group of companies is currently constructing a 14 storey commercial building in Nakuru, Kenya

The Operations Director at Gilanis Real Estate Company, Mr. Faiz Gilani confirmed the reports and said that they are targeting middle and high end clients from across the country.

“We are targeting high-end clients and we already have bookings from different towns like Nairobi, Nyeri and Nakuru,” said Mr. Gilani,

Once complete, the new building will change the face of real estate in Nakuru as it will be the tallest containing some unique features like 42 offices and three basement level parking unlike the other buildings in the town which have converted their basement parking into trading floors.

The basement of the new development which is dubbed Tower One will strictly be used as parking space for the more than 400 clients who will occupy space in the building.

The building sits on 8,200 square feet of land and is it has Grade A office space which have so far been the preserve of buildings in the capital city, Nairobi.

Exceptional features

Other exceptional features of the building are that the finishing contains a marble and granite finish and the lifts are fitted with transparent glass which makes it more attractive and apart from that, each floor has at least three balconies with open space to allow natural sunlight enter. The 10th floor is a penthouse office block made exclusively from glass and is ringed by a balcony where clients can take a walk around it while relaxing.

At the moment, at least 16 per cent of the office block has been booked by investors for business with many others still making inquiries.

The Gilanis family has an interesting history whereby they ventured into business with an undersized retail shop in Nakuru which has been formed to handle its real estate projects. After doing retail and wholesale business for more than 40 years, they decided to shift into the real estate business hence constructing the massive building in the town.

They also ventured into the transport and hospitality industry and has huge warehouses in Nakuru’s industrial area.


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