Global energy firm Engie now eyes West African market

Global energy firm Engie now eyes West African market
Global energy firm Engie now eyes West African market

Global energy firm Engie is now set to expand it wings to the African market and currently its keenly eying on developing power projects in Morocco.

According to various media reports Global energy firm is keenly looking to invest in Moroccan power sector and currently in joint with Moroccan Nereva holding they will develop a 6 W new power generation.

The move would see Engie get an entry strategy to operations in Morocco which is one of the countries that is on the sire in terms of renewable energy.

The company is also expected to to be involved in the construction of 301 MW Tarfaya wind farm in the southwestern part of the country.

According to the Engie CEO Isabelle Kocher they are looking into building strong partnership between the African countries as its one of the most developing continent and needs more invetors.

“The strong partnership we are looking into will increase our services and projects being carried into the African market” he added according to SEE News.

In the current time morocco has been on the forefront to ensure that they get enough power locally rather than depending on foreihn sources which they termed as ‘costly’.
They have been involved in bringing up domestic projects that have included the exploring of traditional reserves and above all shale projects.

Thec country was recently listed as the leading producer of renewable energy in Africa and among the top leadeing in the world. The reported boosted their morale hence increasing number of projects being carried out.

Industry media quoted Ali Fassi Fihri, general manager of the national power utility ONEE as stating that when adding the projects that are currently under construction in wind, solar and hydro, Morocco is on track to achieve a 43% renewable share by 2020.


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