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Samsung Electronics South Africa launches Digital Variable Multi (DVM S) Eco 14 HP

Samsung Electronics South Africa has launch the Digital Variable Multi (DVM S) Eco 14 HP, a new side discharge variable refrigerant flow (VRF) air conditioner that is engineered to deliver a single outdoor unit solution for apartments and office buildings.

The improved performance of the Samsung DVM S Eco 14 HP ensures that it meets the increasing market need for a specialised single outdoor unit to reduce the cost of previous multiple loading and sub-duct installation in multi-room buildings.

The innovative design of the DVM S Eco 14 HP features a robust Inverter Scroll Compressor and corrugate fin, which improves heating performance by 20 percent and increases air flow by 10 percent compared to standard side discharge VRF units.

“Research and development (R&D), as well as design, play key roles in how we develop our products as we’re always focused on delivering cutting-edge technology and ensuring the products we deliver are highly efficient,” said Michael McKechnie, Director Digital Appliances Group at Samsung Electronics SA. “The DVM S Eco 14 HP delivers unbeatable performance among the side discharge VRF units and does so with the greatest energy efficiency, as well as the best use of space, with its unique compact design.”

Single Solution for Multi-room Buildings

The increased horse power of the DVM S Eco (maximum 14 HP) means that only one single outdoor unit is needed to manage the air conditioning requirements for an apartment or office building, in place of multiple costly units. All areas of the building are covered as the new unit also provides an extended piping length of up to 160 meters and an installation height of up to 50 meters. The width of the new DVM S Eco 14 HP is less than one meter (940 mm), maximising capacity and using space more efficiently, while the four-way piping enables convenient installation.

Greater Energy Efficiency

The design of the Inverter Scroll Compressor in the DVM S Eco 14 HP has improved displacement and velocity due to its asymmetric design that reduces loss of friction. The use of robust materials means the unit is reliable even at a high speed of operation and ensures optimal oil supply and control. These key factors also contribute to the device’s efficiency.

Operating Temperature Range

The unit also has the advantage of new Flash Injection Technology which increases refrigerant flow by 32 percent under cold ambient temperature and extends the heating operation range to -25 °C. In addition, the cooling range of the unit is widened to 52 °C.

“Samsung continues to provide customers with superior products using our ground-breaking technology and leading innovations. We believe our new range of air conditioning solutions will greatly benefit them and increase their comfort levels through offering an ideal temperature both in the home or workplace,” concludes McKechnie.


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