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The 7th East & Central Africa Roads &Rail Infrastructure Summit 2016

Following successful editions in Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya, the 7th East & Central Africa Roads & Rail Infrastructure Summit 2016 will now return to Dar es Salaam.

Featuring dedicated country sessions plus insightful presentations by industry experts, this event will once again provide the authoritative platform that will synergize, strategize and reshape discussions to inspire new blueprints and dissect the critical issues hampering the successful execution of planned projects across the East and Central African region.

An efficient transport infrastructure is critical in ensuring Africa truly benefits from its rich natural resources. The World Bank estimates that the cost of moving goods in Africa is, on average, two or three times higher than in developed countries. Improved infrastructure may increase economic growth by 2% a year.

Although major challenges still exist, concerted efforts by various governments in the region bodes well for all stakeholders to radically improve the quality, connectivity and sustainability of the transport infrastructure.

Projects such as the Standard Gauge, DIKKM, LAPSSET and Central Corridor signals the commitment and vision for the region that it is truly moving forward.

The East & Central Africa Roads & Rail Infrastructure Summit 2016, now into its seventh edition, is an important and relevant platform to get the latest update on transport and investment policies, priority projects, procurement opportunities, project partnership and investment in the emerging roads and rail transport infrastructure sector of East & Central Africa.

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