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National Construction Authority to announce new industry policy

The National Construction Authority (NCA) is set to announce new industry policy after they carry out a vital research.

NCA made it public the commissioning of the research which will seek to ascertain the number of Kenyan contractors, standardize construction materials and also the technology used in the construction industry.

The research will be an important output during the upcoming Annual Construction Research Conference and Exhibition (ACoRCE) that is set to connect region regulators and manufacturers with new technologies that are adaptable for local industries and development partners.

It also looks to study and identify some of the challenges that face the country’s construction industry for instance the standardisation of emerging construction materials, technologies and skills based on the National Construction Research Agenda (NaCRA).

Finally the research will help put in place processes that will aid in improving the capacity of skilled construction workers and an accreditation mechanism.

The CEO, National Construction Authority, Mr. Daniel Manduku, confirmed the reports and said that in working towards the policy, the regulator is in consultation to repeal the physical planning act as a primary step to harmonize the regulations between the county and national governments while finalizing revisions on the building code.

“We’re looking at the collaboration between the NCA, NLC, NEMA and County governments’ on matters regulation. A good instance would be land acquisition procedures which are a main source of delay in projects; where each party abides by its’ set regulations causing setbacks hence impacting on financing a single project,” Mr. Manduku said.

Upon completion and adoption, the new policy will streamline the construction sector better by creating a systematic framework for all players in the industry.

NCA’s mission is to regulate, streamline and build capacity in the construction industry.




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