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Major thermal power station in Zimbabwe to be constructed

A coal mining company in the Bulawayo Mining District of Zimbabwe Makomo Resources, has obtained licence from the government to construct a 660MW thermal power station in  Zimbabwe,  Hwange area.

Speaking during the company’s 6th anniversary celebrations Samson Mavhura, MAKOMO Resources General Manager, confirmed that, the company will construct 2×330 units. Construction of the thermal power station in  Zimbabwe is expected to take about 2 years from the start to completion.

According to Mavhura, the company has acquired licence from the Government 2 weeks ago. The company is now looking at activating the involved financiers, given that the power project will be constructed at a cost of at least US$2bn.

Additionally, Makomo, has over taken Hwange Colliery Company Ltd as the country’s largest coal miner, the company is currently looking at raising output to 300 000 tonnes per month.

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With its mineral resource at Entuba Colliery Makomo Resources is a coal mining company in Hwange, the company is situated approximately 17 km from Hwange town in Matabeleland North province.

Makomo produces thermal coal mainly used by power stations for the generation of electricity. Ash values are generally between 20%and 28%. It also mines coal sold as peas, mainly used to fire coal based boilers for agriculture, electricity generation, as well as refineries.

Its cobbles coal is are used by tobacco farmers for curing produce, as well as refractories, similarly it also extracts rounds for use by tobacco farmers and refractories.

Much of Zimbabwe’s electricity is produced at the Kariba Dam Hydroelectric Power Station which is about 750MW. Hwange Thermal Power Station has an installed capacity of 920MW, and at three minor coal fired stations.

There is still quite a lot of hydropower potential especially along the Zambezi River, apart from the Kariba Dam Hydroelectric Power Station. Solar Power has enormous potential both in small and large scale. Wind and biogas energy are other possibilities

Zimbabwe has a hydropower potential of 18,500 GWh a year, of which 17,500 GWh is technically feasible. To date about 19% of the technically feasible potential has already been exploited.


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