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Mango Limited:The furniture experts

Mango limited was established in 1988 out of a desire to bring a unique customer-oriented approach to various segments of the furniture market through strong base of direct sale.

In that case, they are totally manufactures; they neither sell other manufactures’ furniture nor import any furniture.

The company provides strong designs that excel at meeting all core requirements, together with a huge array of options, choices, scales and price points so that customers can specify the best possible solution.

Mango’s strength lies in their passion for creativity, bringing unique elements to both modern and traditional designs.

The company takes pride in designing and planning environments that aim to ensure a client’s staff and customers enjoy the space created.

In a collaborative approach with the customer, the company applies design principals, and knowledge integration, in order to produce products which are attractive, productive and reflects a customer’s values.

Production relies on machines and all new designs are initiated with drawings. In that case, all pivotal workers have been trained to understand and work from drawings.

Furthermore, their furniture is up to international standards; which has enabled them grow in a competitive market environment.

Mango Limited is a complete solution provider for homes, schools, universities and offices; since it has a complete range of wood, metal, and fully-upholstered items.

Besides, they make garden and camping furniture and also interior accessories. Dining & living room furniture, office furniture, kitchen furniture, wall units & shelving , school & university furniture, lamps & lamp shades, garden furniture and sun umbrella are some of their products.

The company has a talented team that brings diverse experience, fresh perspective and originality; combined with exceptional technical expertise and extraordinary attention to interior detail, the results speak for themselves.

They are committed to achieving the highest level of design with a ‘turn-key’ approach through their services offered.

Designers participate in projects from the initial concepts, decorative material selections, and project coordination; always with precision, professionalism, attention to detail, exceptional customer service and expert project management skills.

For over two decades the firm has been consistently recognized for its business acumen and its variety of innovative design solutions that impeccably blend functional and refined needs.

The wood used is either from Kenya or the Congo (DRC). The factory possesses a 67 cubic meter timber –drying kiln. The hardware (hinges, locks, drawer runners) is imported from Germany.

The company has a proven system that addresses clients’ problems by guaranteeing furniture free from defects of workmanship or material without time limit, even though there is no fixed warranty period.

This shows the confidence they have in their service. Employing an efficient system of organization has ensured that their products are of good quality.

Moreover, the company ensures it keeps abreast of trending technology, a dedicated team, professionalism, good quality, reliable products and customer satisfaction.

They have a trained staff that knows the products they are working with and have hands-on experience using proven techniques.

On top of this, Mango charges minimal fee to clients located outside Nairobi on delivery of products and offers free delivery to clients within Nairobi. This has also contributed to their success in an aggressive market culture.

The challenging and prestigious projects the firm has undertaken successfully are as a result of effective planning and management of time and resources.

These projects include: Inter-continental Nairobi, Silver Springs Hotel, Serena Hotel (Kigali Rwanda , Kampala and Arusha), Sarova Hotels , Crown Plaza Hotel Upper Hills, Hilton Hotel Nairobi, Pampa Grill Brazilian restaurants in Nairobi and Mombasa, German Point in Village Market, Gipsy – Westlands and Nairobi club.

This in turn has led to a long standing rapport between the company and the clients after the completion of projects.

According to Bryan Scriven the Managing Director, refurbishment of hard furniture should always be carried out by the original manufacturers.

“Refurbishment should be done twice annually due to the wear and tear that furniture gets in the hospitality industry,” he added. The company is based at No.6, Migwani Road, Industrial Area in Nairobi.




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